Talk at PHPers Summit 2023

Exciting news! On 27th of May 2023, I’ll give a talk on the largest PHP conference in Poland – PHPers Summit 2023. This event is special in particular this year – it’s the 10th anniversary of the PHPers community, and it’s going to be really huge!

I’m really happy that my talk “Finding lost features – how NOT to build mazes and complexity” has been chosen for the agenda (and yes, it will be in English! 🇬🇧). Can’t wait to share my thought on build software once again, on the stage of PHPers Summit conference.

You can find a more detailed description about my talk below:

On Conferences, we learn about DDD, Hexagonal Architecture or CQRS. Naturally, when we come back to work, we want to use these methodologies and practices which often results in just having “DTO”, “Repository”, “ValueObject” or even “CQRS” directories in our code… This is a very technical separation of namespaces and code in general, which doesn’t help in finding what exactly is implemented in our system. In my presentation, I will show how I deal with separating features and how we, as an Engineering Team, can implement clearly business requirements in systems that are not handling Facbook-scale traffic.

See you there! 👋


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