About me

Howdy! I’m glad you are visiting this site! Describing myself is always tough task, but I will do my best 😉




For the last 7+ years, I’ve been working as a Backend Software Engineer in many companies. During that time, I managed to work in software houses, start-ups, product companies or even large corporations.

Almost all of my career I’ve been working with PHP, but I successfully developed projects using Node.js or Java.

One of the most important breakthroughs in my career was joining Sylius as a Software Engineer. My responsibilities were to maintain Sylius Core and develop a new product for Marketplaces that Sylius was about to release. While working there, I understood many of the eCommerce concepts and rules that were helpful when I later joined a software agency to develop eCommerce platforms using Sylius Framework and other PHP related technologies.

I used to work in or for start-ups, participating not only as a Developer, but I was also involved in Business roles. As I enjoyed working not only with code but also with the business side of the projects, I decided to start my own company.

If you want to learn more about my experience, you can visit my LinkedIn profile or my public CV.