SyliusCon 2022 Talk

About me

I’m Konrad, and I’m a Technical Consultant, Solutions Architect, Public Speaker and a Passionate Engineer. You can find here my technical expertise (mostly about PHP), events I attend and present at, and my point of view on how to build Software.


For over 8 years, I’ve worked as a Backend Software Engineer in many different companies. During that time, I managed to work in companies like software agencies, start-ups, product companies or even large corporations.

For the most of my professional and nonprofessional career, I’ve been working with PHP, but I successfully delivered projects using other backend technologies such as Java or Node.js.

In recent years I’ve been more involved into team-management and architecture roles thanks to my ease to combine business world with software solutions. As a Team Leader, I conducted several development teams towards delivering solutions and following software craftsmanship principals. While being in a role of an Architect, I designed and prepared solutions to be developed by other teams.