• PHPers Summit 2023

    Feedback If you have 2 minutes, please submit the feedback about my presentation. That would help me a lot. Thanks! 🙏

  • 4Developers 2023

    4Developers 2023

    This year, on 4Developers 2023 – the largest Developer conference in Poland – I have been honored to give a presentation on PHP track about data structures and Developer Experience. You can find here all slides and code examples from my talk, as well as a small gallery from the event.

  • SyliusCon 2022

    SyliusCon 2022

    This year at SyliusCon 2022 I have been honored to give a presentation on Technical track. The topic I elaborated was “Sylius as an Infrastructure” which was focused on putting Sylius in your architecture and system design.

  • PHPers Summit 2022

    PHPers Summit 2022

    This year I was selected to speak on the largest PHP conference in Poland – PHPers Summit! The event was a blast, many interesting conversations, discussions and presentations made this event a wonderful place to celebrate PHP community in Poland.